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Hi guys
Hi, I hail from some forums I run dedicated to (mostly) Banjo Kazooie level editing and (some) other N64 game modification/reverse engineering.

Ive played the N64 nearly my entire life and still have not grown away from it.

I know MIPS assembly as well as embedded C, and some C#

Im also an avid CAD person, Solidworks is one of my all time favorite programs, and ive used it in the engineering field as well as product R&D.

I used to make wiring diagrams and engineering drawings for fair/carnival rides.

This looks like a great place!
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Hello and welcome! Glad to see you're here for real now.

For anyone who remembers the briefly present other introduction thread by this user (currently in the locked archive), that was someone trying to steal his username. This is the real jombo23 though.
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You sound really cool!!!
Welcome and enjoy your stay.
Can you recommend any C books, excluding K&R2?
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Once there was a way to get back homeward
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Haha yeah my mom tells me I'm cool.

As for c, I have one fairly old book about it but I've never really looked too much into it and can't remember the name at the moment. I learned c from self learning MIPS and then having my uncle teach me. He's been programming things ever since college, including pinball machines for Bally.

Thanks for the warm welcomes
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I'm addicted to playing Tornado Outbreak. Cute 
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