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"Why am I the only one that played this game?" - Obscure games thread
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Mario Super Sluggers

Never released in Europe or Australia (Only came out in US & Japan), Only Mario spinoff game to have the Kremlings (As a DKC fan this game gets +10 points from that alone), An adventure story mode,
not to mention fantastic music:

Real shame it isn't remembered very much. But as I said it only came out it US & Japan so that probably has to do with it.
Does anybody else have fond memories of this game Question Block
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Kritters acted as goalies in the Strikers games Big Grin
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(11-18-2018, 06:21 PM)Kriven Wrote: Kritters acted as goalies in the Strikers games Big Grin
Oh yeah I forgot about that, I've never actually played Strikers so pardon my memory. When I said Kremlings I more meant how they where playable along with K. Rool. The Kritters are more an extra in Strikers than part of the cast. Another thing going for Sluggers is it also had the extended Kong family as well which include Dixie, Tiny and Funky! Baby Donkey Kong also made an appearance for some reason, glad he's forgotten, they should have just used DK Jr. instead. By the way why the heck does Baby DK have a plush while Dixie, Funky & Cranky do not?
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Batman Returns & Jurassic Park on the Mega Drive. Only at a friend's house.
In-Development: Turn-Based cRPG, late backing OPEN!

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Oh, believe me, I could go on for truly an hour or two just discussing every last game I grew up with as a kid, obscure ones at that. From basically every cartridge for the LeapPad ( credit to the one person out there who might know what that is ) to the obscure Mario fan-game websites, mainly Mario PS ( if you are so inclined to visit that website ) and so on and so forth.
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(11-03-2019, 01:11 AM)Trodgy Pikachu Wrote: Oh, believe me, I could go on for truly an hour or two just discussing every last game I grew up with as a kid, obscure ones at that.
 Same here, one of my favorite games growing up was Bounce Tales, a Java Mobile game developed by Rovio. Here's a playlist of all the levels if anyone's curious.
[Image: 1OfAL6i.gif]

[Image: RkRdv7B.gif]
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I could go on rambling about this but I'm gonna give some highlights. When I was younger, I owned a Leapster and a GBA (my cousins gave one to me) when I was very young (can't remember what games I played though.) I mainly played a bunch of old PC games. At my Grandparent's house they had a Windows 98 pc and at my home Windows XP instead.

To mention flash games, I'll play Super Mario Crossover on Newgrounds as well as those Papa's games where you have to serve customers with different foods and stuff along many other flash games. In terms of Java games, Bounce Tales, mainly Crazy Penguin Catapult 1 and 2 by Digital Chocolate, they also made "City Bloxx" as well (a.k.a Tower Bloxx). Other mobile games I played is Diamond Rush and "Snakes" on those Nokia Symbian phones that my mother owned. Before owning Mario Kart DS when I was about 10, I used to play these clones "Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour" on PC and Crash Team Racing at a friends house. Just 100%'ed them recently and they are both pretty good MK clones I would recommend checking them out. Just to give you a tip: their drifting mechanics aren't really like the Mario Kart games and getting used to them can be a challenge. If you really want to play that Disney racing game, I really recommend to find a real Windows 98 or XP pc play on because the game can't run correctly on modern pc's among other compatibility issues.

Now days I'm really like Japan exclusive games such as Advanced V.G, the Jojo's Bizzare Adventure fighting game on the Dreamcast, various DBZ games, Sharp X68000 and PC-98 titles and PC Engine games like Dracula X. (Don't worry I don't play those "dating sims" and that other vulgar stuff that shouldn't be discussed here)

Here's some gameplay if you're curious about those Java mobile games, it's the cleanest footage that I could find.
City Bloxx:
Crazy Penguin Catapult 1:
Crazy Penguin Catapult 2:
Diamond Rush (a playlist of all the levels):
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Zombies Ate My Neighbors 
Chainsaw dudes, werewolf howls and psycho babies!
Superb comedy two-player SNES game.
Gathered some cult following, but generally forgotten.
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Nice! Zombies Ate My Neighbors was a game my brother brought home from a second hand store when I was a kid, my sister played the crap out of it.

Anyway for me? Puzzle Link 1 & 2 on the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

The game looks like Puzzle Bobble, Puyo Puyo, Magical Drop, MegaMan, Pokemon, Earthbound and Yu Gi Oh all thrown into a blender, and it somehow didn't end up making a brown foul smelling mixture. It plays similar to puzzle games from the time, but the monster characters definitely make the game stand out. Some look like they're straight out of Earthbound, I'm surprised no one has ever made fanart of it yet!
Put Ninja Baseball Batman on Switch goddamn it
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