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.Awb file format
I need help to extract/open .awb files. Does anyone know any way how to do that? But except QuickBMS because this program changes original names of files after extracting ( i don't know why). Zirothos could rip sound files with their original names
Look at this
But sounds that i get....and they are all randomized
Like this
Why i ask this? Just when i need certain sound i have to check all sounds out.... It takes a lot of time
I will be grateful for help
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Can you upload some of these files so we can take a look?
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(02-18-2017, 08:52 PM)puggsoy Wrote: Can you upload some of these files so we can take a look?

Yea, sure!7c9RyYpL!Dbmu2LNo8dW1S...RvnAvR8Llk!SEUSXSJB!1HotaL5n5rC74...xbCSiTFAEk
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Apologies I thought I already responded to this conversation. This is likely the very same CRI AWB format used in most bandai fighting games, it is usually paired with an ACB file or kept as standalone. They can be extracted into HCA and then decoded into WAV with various tools found online. However, there is a program made by a friend of mine which will do pretty much do everything for you and even retrieve the original file names. This is intended for use with recent Xenoverse and Saint Seiya games but it should work with it, presuming it is the same kind of AWB file.

In failing that I would try VGMtoolbox (which is slower but also retrieves filenames) and/or the contents of this earlier thread provided by the same programmer as above. This includes an AWB extractor, an ACB>AWB converter and a HCA decoder:

EDIT: I can confirm the AWB extractor from the last link works for your files. without retaining filenames, but the order should be correct, at least. I haven't tried with VGMtoolbox yet as I don't have it installed.
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