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NEW: Knight-Tan (Trigger Knight) - MrPr1993's N64 Models
3D Modelling 
I might updates this much, much later tho 030

Now back to the list of stuff to model... that flower girl Lip and that girl knight Knight-tan, and remember Marx.
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[Image: 1498706250.png]

METTATON, ladies and gentlemen!

Sooner or later, I'll work on more Undertale~
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This is great! Nice work!
[Image: b1.php?u=39480955]
Ton's most wanted rips: Time Splitters 2 Models (Gamecube, PS2), Radiant Historia Characters (DS), Final Fantasy 4 Models (DS),  Final Fantasy 7 models (Playstation/PC), Bravely Default/Second Models (3DS), Clay Fighter 1/2 fighters (SNES)
Quote:You had wasted MY LIFE... waiting for just a goddamn bunnelby model.
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[Image: 1499129431.png]

Hear ye, hear ye, here's Lip from Panel de Pon! All Low-Poly!

Download (Sketchup 8)
Ah yes. Lip. Such an underrated character. Sad

I'd love your take on Magolor (default form) in low poly. Genki ^_^ IF you still take suggestions!
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That's a great Lip N64 styled model Wink . Still makes me kinda sad, that there is no Panel de Pon 64.

Keep up the work, dude Thumbs Up !
[Image: cappanisignature.png]
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Thanks ya'll! Okey dokey. Still more stuff to model to go~
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[Image: 1499369447.png]

Heeeere's knight girl Knight-Tan from that one game, Trigger Knight!

[url=]Download (Sketchup 8)
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Incredible work! Thank you so much!

You really nailed her looks.
[Image: tumblr_oyyyq0G8671s80n5zo1_250.gif]
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I'm not sure, her body looks out of proportion.
[Image: dariC.png][Image: tumblr_mlf109xOe81rmu6i5o1_250.gif][Image: b0KxM.gif]
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(07-07-2017, 03:06 AM)Davy Jones Wrote: I'm not sure, her body looks out of proportion.

Probs from using the different references I could find (and what Moldy provided me with) 0.0;
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She's pretty obscure so this was the best I could provide. Apologies.
[Image: tumblr_oyyyq0G8671s80n5zo1_250.gif]
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Alright... I am nearly done with the Bayonetta model (from Bayonetta 2 - proportions are based more on her Smash look)
[Image: unknown.png]

I gotta texture er' (which will be tough from how detailed she is)

In the meantime, throw me suggestions for new low polys, people!

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