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NDS model + animation => COLLADA converter
Hi everyone. This is my first post.

I've been working on a program to convert NDS models and animations to COLLADA. It outputs vertex colors, joint trees, and skeletal animations. I've been testing it with the games Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and Ore wa Omae o Mamoru, where I've had pretty good success. I don't know how much interest there still is in ripping DS games, but I wanted to share it here. Hopefully if all the kinks are ironed out it can be used for submitting models  Smile

GitHub Page
Latest Build, 32-bit, Windows
Latest Build, 62-bit, Windows

I wrote a tutorial on how to use it here, but the short version is that you can follow Mystie's NDS Ripping Tutorial up to the end of step 4, then use apicula to convert the NSBMD files by running

apicula.exe convert <PATH TO NSBMD FILES> -o <OUTPUT DIRECTORY>

at the command line. You can also add any NSBCA files with the NSBMD files to add animations to the models.


[Image: joint_ex.png]

[Image: godot_ex.gif]


The success rate for models is fairly good, but there are definitely still known bugs  Shy  I'll be working to fix some of them for a while. If you find any, you can post about them here. If anyone is familiar with the Nitro SDK formats, you can also see the code on GitHub.

If anyone can test importing the COLLADA files into commercial DCC programs like Maya or 3DS Max, that's be nice too!
So if I read this right, this works for most games that have NSMBD usage. Nice!
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Oh hell yeah, this is great, I've been wanting something like this for ages now. Thanks dude great work.
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(01-29-2017, 07:47 PM)Rodo Furedorikku Wrote: So if I read this right, this works for most games that have NSMBD usage. Nice!

That's the intention, right. NSBMD files for models and NSBCA files for skeletal animations. In practice, I don't know how many games this will work for. For example Avalon Code has model files that have the BMD0 stamp, but aren't the format that this can understand.

apicula can also scan a ROM (or any kind of file really) and extract all the models and animations that it understands as long as they aren't compressed or encrypted or anything. The instructions for that are here.
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Thank you for the tool, i have still some NDS game models that i would like to obtain, both use nsbmd format, unfortunately those versions were not supported when i tried the last time with the most known tools. The games are Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and Love Plus+, i will test them soon. Otherwise i have to manually convert them or modify the nsbmd viewer, but i'm too lazy XD.
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