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It's Dazz's b-day today
HBD Dazz!

I hope that it's a good one!
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have fun today dude
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have a Dazz-aling day, Dazz

I'll see myself out
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Also Love Stuff

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Happy birthday, Dazzler. Hope it's s good'un.
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Thank you friends! Here's to another year with you all.
Tsunami Bomb - The Simple Truth
We could run away
Leave behind anything paper
Not knowing where we're going to stay
When there's no Mondays

You're part of me, it's so easy to see the simple truth
When I'm in your arms, I feel safe from harm and sorrow too
You're part of me, it's so easy to see the simple truth
But most of all, nothing couldn't be solved when I'm with you
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Oh whoops sorry

Happy belated birthday dude Smile
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Dazz? What a massive dork, always posting like he owns the place, why hasn't he been banned yet?
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but you've always called me sir when you've invaded my dreams.
I'm late too

I said happy birthday on Discord everyone. I did it I promise. I should not be obligated to say something like "Happy birthday Dazz stay cool, eat fresh" twice, thrice, or even four-ice! That's completely unreasonable and I don't like being pressured like this by you people.


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Happy belated birthday Dazz, hope 2017 brings a lot of good times for you and everyone else here my man.
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Not sure if you had seen it, but we wished ya a happy one on Facts too.
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