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Filler (attempts) to make music.
I have made a few "songs" (Note: Cheesy video game soundclowns) awhile back. And those have sorta helped me learn DAWS.

Now that I'm well-suited enough, I've tried to make some original music that isn't jokes and the "funnies". Anyways, here's a mediocre audio sample of the original music I make.

(Also, dunno if it's me, but Youtube seems to have disabled full-screen one embeds. Then again, it's Youtube. They like trash)

Anyhow, if there's any way I can improve, shoot it up to me.
I make models and stuff. I also like to rip N64 games when I'm bored.
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I got a 16-64 bit video game feel from that, such as a stage boss or mini-boss.
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this song lacks any kind of real structure

What was you thinking when you wrote this piece? An army? A boss? Something good or bad? The mood it tries to convey seems an uneasy moment, but the music doesn't develop much and doesn't really follow a cohesive chord progression.

It's hard for me to teach about those but listening to other people's music with the same general idea you want to do works wonders for me. By studying others music, either by listening to it vbery thoroughly or covering it myself, I learn the nuances of composition and I try to apply it on my own.

This being said this song also feels very empty because there is not enough instruments that cover the desired wave frequencies. That is, You have acute and mid notes in the music but there is no bass, so it feels very empty as a result. Try studying how actual marching music or military influenced music do this kind of music and then you'll have more stepping stone for your music.
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Thanks for the info. That song was mostly just me fooling around, hence the lack of structure and logic. (I didn't even know what I was doing, keep in mind)

Anyways. I now present a short 11-second jingle I made as a joke or someone. Known as "Trashmusic". My logic was to make a 10-second loop in about 10 minutes as a joke for someone. Ended up being 11...

Trash Music does some it up well. (I honestly think it was better than what I made before, even as a joke)
I make models and stuff. I also like to rip N64 games when I'm bored.
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I don't even know what I make at this point, but I only used 4 audio channels. At least there's some sort of progression to the song? Despite how horrid it sounds?
I make models and stuff. I also like to rip N64 games when I'm bored.
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