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[MH4U/MH3U] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Longsword/Hammer Textures & Customs
These textures were extracted with the mhmoddingtool by Dasding and the custom were edited with photoshop.
Feel free to ask for male armor, weapon or monster textures/models. 
I made two list for the male armors since it's hard to find the armor set we want in these huge mess of files...

Original/modified textures:
(No psd included for the customs)

Added Custom Texture :
- Agnaktor Z 2.0"texture from mh3u" (2017-01-15)
- DragonBreaker (2016-12-05)
- Claw of Doom (2016-12-05)
- Nether GX  (2016-12-05)
- Ivory Lagiacrus GX  (2016-12-05)


[Image: 8d29f86222.png][Image: c7d1ec78e5.png][Image: b39a3e13a0.png][Image: 379ddff265.png][Image: 2616db1f62.png]

Custom Samples:

[Image: 8318e8b3a4.png][Image: 770dd0d768.png][Image: 04149febec.png][Image: cc200dad0b.png][Image: f7c9df5e05.png]

Big Grin  Enjoy!  Big Grin
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[Image: 34d7809643.png][Image: 06b12680f1.png][Image: 5aad5ad73d.png][Image: fc9653f2c9.png]

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