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Notable Japan-only Games
(12-18-2016, 08:57 AM)Goemar Wrote: Isn't Umihara Kawase on Steam now? Might even be on PSN for the Vita or something else well.

Great game, but I don't think it's Japanese only any more...
that's the third entry, the snes and psx one are still japan exclusive.
and the ds remake
EDIT:nevermind, those versions are on steam too, sorry
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No love for Treasure of The Rudras and Romancing Saga 3? Don't forget Magical Vacation as well.
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the mini games made by Gentertainment. they were brought over to the west via eShop, but i should mention them. they originated from a standalone DS game from japan. i'd probably say you're better off buying the DS cartridge because it has every single minigame released on the eShop. and they're each pretty simple and arcady, so the language barrier isn't really an issue.
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