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Persona 5 Model and Animation importer v0.8.1 - MaxScript -
I'm sharing my mostly complete but still very much a WIP MaxScript (well, set of scripts) to load Persona 5's (and P4D) animations and models.

Progress log:
  • 13/10/2016: Version 0.8 released
    - Initial release

  • 14/10/2016: Version 0.8.1 released
    - Fixed typos, issues with declaration order and other oversights due to Max not clearing its own memory properly
    - Improved consistency between files
  • Proper loading of meshes and materials (additional info in the listener window)

  • Rigging is applied

  • Weapon, character and level models are supported and..

  • Level textures are converted from their custom format into DDS (this requires you to keep the original folder structure intact)

  • Partial animation support. For now it only loads the first animation in a .GAP file. Sometimes GMD files also contain animations but those will be skipped.

  • Some MaxScript code you might find useful if you're into developing scripts yourself

  • Also loads models from Persona 4 Dancing All Night, but does not yet support loading the faces (p5 doesn't use them)
Current issues:
  • Some models are displaced, and I cannot find the reason as to why. Be sure to check your models thoroughly! If you have any idea, please let me know.

  • Materials load properly but their parsing is mostly brute forced and can possibly break. Figuring these out has proven to be quite difficult. Again help would be appreciated.

  • Some models don't load because of embedded particles (most of the enemies in p5). I don't know how to parse these, so until then models containing these will not load.

  • Rare bug that causes garbage face data to appear, I'm not sure as to why this happens.

  • Due to use of FileIn to seperate code, the script will now no longer work when run in the editor (Evaluate All)
    In fact, it will completely corrupt 3ds Max's MaxScript memory. Thanks Autodesk
Important notes:
This script is developed for 3ds Max 2016. If you have any issues other than the ones listed above, please make sure you're using this version. I do not intend to support older versions of Max as anyone can get a free download of the latest one and quite a few MaxScript features are blatantly broken in them.
Oh yeah, please retain the folder structure, otherwise the script won't work. All files are needed.

Special Thanks
  • Atlus for finally (Winter 2014 *cough*) delivering Persona 5
  • Pan for the preload dump of p5
  • PolarSoda for his P4D script
  • mrdudesworkshop for his findings on the animation structure
Download I hope you enjoy these models as much as I enjoyed (and still do!) working on them.
Eventually I plan on putting custom models into the game, but until then my MaxScript will serve to help me reverse this format.


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I love you
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WHile I'm not into the persona series (nor do I own any og the games lol) I have to say this tool seems really great. I would love to use it if I could.

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For any of the people who had issues with the script previously, I have released a new revision that accounts for the bugs. The download link has been updated.
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Really Great TGE... Thanks!
can you upload for chara game data too like 000 002 003 etc please

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(10-17-2016, 10:40 AM)Tenryuu Wrote: Really Great TGE... Thanks!
can you upload for chara game data too like 000 002 003 etc please

I added a link to the model files to the OP.
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First of all, thank very much for sharing this script with us! I have a small problem, I don't know if it is a Max issue or not, but when I'm importing any character model (no such problem occurred with personas) I get these weird mesh strechings and the whole body is off from the rig. I've posted a screenshot as well. I'm using Max 2016, tho i'm not very familiar with max because I'm a blender user and didn't bothered with learning max (maybe in the near future). I just want to export the models from Max in OBJ format so I could then rig them in Blender and do my thing, without the hassle of fixing the mesh myself.

Thank you,

EDIT: I've installed a 2013 x64 version of 3DSMax and it seems with this version they import correctly. Don't know what the problem with the 2016 version is tho.

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Thanks so much. Worked perfectly in 3ds Max 2016, and already had some fun viewing the models in VR. Hopefully I can contribute to the P5 Model/Character section of the Amicitia Wiki.

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Can someone help me find the models of Junya Kaneshiro, and both forms of his 'Shadow', maybe Piggytron too?
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(06-05-2017, 10:57 AM)Carpaccio Wrote: Can someone help me find the models of Junya Kaneshiro, and both forms of his 'Shadow', maybe Piggytron too?

Junya is in folder 2107, and I haven't found Piggytron yet. You will eventually see it on the Character/Model page of the Wiki as I continue going through the files and updating the list.
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Awesome job with the script.
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Is it working with Catherine's models or their format are different?
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Several of the models I've encountered don't even load at all. The Torn King of Desire, and the two forms of Samael don't load at all.
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Yes, most notably (in my opinion) being the lovely Ms. Chouno.
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So I just stumbled across these models and it just so happened that I have the student version of 3ds Max 2016, but I can't seem to figure out how to actually load up the models, I'm new to all of this but I wanted to experiment with models and such after gaining inspiration from RWBY's latest season (although autodesk maya was used for Volume 4).

Is there any chance someone could walk me through loading up the model at the very least? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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