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Founder of Spriters Resource?
I've always wondered, who is the founder of the Spriters Resource? I think it might be Dazz, but I'm not sure. Additionaly, did they also create the other resources (Models, Sounds, etc.) or was that just an innovation created by other people that monitor the site.

(I would have posted this in the Spriters Resource section, but there is no fitting category.)
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Check the "Administration" bold sub-header at:

Quote:Dazz's tenure with tSR began when he took over the reigns from Shane (now running DidYouKnowGaming). As the owner of the sites, his responsibilities are pretty broad but, for the most part, his day-to-day activities revolve around managing the actual sites and their content. He is an avid ripper himself and can often be found contributing content when he has the time to do so.
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Ah I never stopped to look in the about tab, thanks.
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Wait, Shane is Bacon?
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No he's Badass Bill.
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(11-13-2016, 02:22 PM)Mighty Jetters Wrote: No he's Badass Bill.

This is Bacon.
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from what I understand, VG Resource started out as Ninsprites hosted by Mark Brown, username Bacon. He ran Ninsprites and its forum, Pixeltendo. Eventually, Ninsprites was renamed The Spriter's Resource opening the gateways to sprites of all companies, not just Nintendo. Bacon stepped down from running TSR, giving it to Shane (BadAssBill). Though Shane eventually gave the reigns to Dazz, who was responsible for how the site is today. Pixeltendo itself was changed to The Spriter's Resource forum, and then the VG Resource.

That's the basic rundown anyway.
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I always felt i was a late starter to the forums but i remember Ninsprites so who knows where i slotted in in the history xD
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