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Some random other GFX rips...
Not many, but a few that might be interesting to some people.

For example, here's the Well of Lost Souls tileset from Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures:

[Image: indianajonespyramidfg.png]And the Training Course tileset from Drill Dozer:

[Image: drilldozertiles.png]

I've also gotten some toy GFX from DoReMi Fantasy:

[Image: toyland3tiles.png]
Though that's still being ripped.

So yeah, thoughts so far?
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Looking good to me!
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Well this is turning out to be something:


I tried ripping a Christmassy tileset from Daze Before Christmas... then massively underestimated how many tiles this thing uses. I mean, the snow and rotating poles and stuff use a ton of animations. And the pseudo 3D foreground can be a pain to figure out. vSNES doesn't like this game much either...

Ah well, it could be fun to get some Christmas type backgrounds up on the site soon.

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These are all awesome! We don't have enough tile rippers around here. I hope you submit!
[Image: b1.php?u=39480955]
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Thanks! I've also been getting some tiles from Magical Popn:

[Image: BGObjectsWaterTemple.png]

[Image: backgroundstuffwatertemple.png]

[Image: templeblocks.png]

Surprised how few tiles and backgrounds exist from games like this. As you said, seems there's a definite preference for character sprites on sprite ripping sites.

But yeah, I'll submit this stuff soon. Just got to find a decent format for it.
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And hey, since this interesting 'Quik the Thunder Rabbit' game was leaked... I ripped the backgrounds from it:

[Image: QuikBGs.png]

Unfortunately, there's just one snag.

The game locks up on level 8, since the fighting mechanics weren't programmed in. This means I can't check the levels past that point. As a result, while the game likely has tons of sprites we probably need to host here on Spriter's Resource, only the first 7.5 levels worth are available to rip from save states.

Edit: And while there is a released Amiga version, that uses completely different graphics and the levels/themes are entirely changed. As seen here:
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I have now submitted the Indiana Jones, Drill Dozer and Quik the Thunder Rabbit GFX to the main site.

Rest aren't quite complete enough to submit, but will be posted soon.
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