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DMCA / Takedown Requests

I probably should have done this sooner but seeing as we get so few of these, it really never crossed my mind until today. I'm going to use this thread to document content removed at the request of a copyright holder. If I can go back and find older requests (I remember at least one recent one), I may add them but for the time being, plan on the official record starting now. As this thread will be purely informational, I'm going to lock it so updates don't get lost in a discussion about the merits of the DMCA.

To kick things off, we got a formal DMCA takedown request from Outfit7 Limited regarding their Talking Tom games. As such, the following games and all of their associated content have been removed from the network:

Mobile - My Talking Tom (tMR, tTR, and tSoR)
Mobile - Talking Tom Bubble Shooter (tMR)
Mobile - Talking Tom Jetski (tMR)

No further submissions to these games or any other game published by Outfit7 Limited will be accepted anywhere on the network.
The developer of Assault Android Cactus (PC / Computer) has asked us to remove the game from the site.
This is old, but McLeod Gaming does not want resources from Super Smash Flash 2 (PC / Computer) up on the site, according to a staff rejection PM to a submitter.
[Image: kE8xa19.png]
The trademark holder of Crossy Road (Mobile) has asked us to remove their game from the site. Sprites, models, and sounds have all been deleted as a result.
Not exactly a DMCA takedown, but the developers of Sonic Robo Blast 2 have stated in the past that they don't want their sprites hosted elsewhere.

Spazzo Wrote:SRB2's sprites are hand drawn for use only in SRB2, so we ask you do not repost the sprites elsewhere. The last thing we want is to see our sprites in crappy fangames everywhere.


Sonic Team Jr.
#6 LTD has requested we remove all of their content. Angry Gran Run has been removed from tMR as a result and no further content form any of their games will be accepted.
Arthur Crump of AGCrump Software has requested we remove any assets relating to his games from our sites. This has resulted in the removal of "PC/Computer - 201 Solid Gold Games".
Tsunami Bomb - The Simple Truth
We could run away
Leave behind anything paper
Not knowing where we're going to stay
When there's no Mondays

You're part of me, it's so easy to see the simple truth
When I'm in your arms, I feel safe from harm and sorrow too
You're part of me, it's so easy to see the simple truth
But most of all, nothing couldn't be solved when I'm with you
One of the animators for Hindenburg VR has requested we remove their textures so I've removed "PC / Computer - Hindenburg VR" as a result.
Pixelberry Studios, who owns the copyright for the game "Choices: Stories You Play", has requested removal of all assets from their game. As such, "Mobile - Choices: Stories You Play" has been removed. No other Pixelberry Studios games should be uploaded.
Mason Lindroth, the creator of the game "Hylics", has requested removal from the site.
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The creators of Desktop Ponies have requested removal of their content from The Spriters Resource, and as such we will not be accepting any more submissions from it.
Power Bomberman has been removed due to request of one of the sprite artists for that game.
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An employee of PikPok reached out to request removal of their assets. As such, Clusterduck (Mobile) has been removed from tSR and no further PikPok games will be accepted.
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