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Hi there, everyone
I am currently a college/university student who is also trying to be a better computer programmer, with a heavy focus on open source software and open licensing (e.g. Creative Commons licensing and public domain stuff). Nerd

5 years ago (2010 to 2011), I came here originally to search for Super Mario sprites for use in almost all of the side projects I had at that time. About that same time, I was discovering all about free/open source software and the potential benefits for me (near-total freedom to use, study, modify, and share that kind of software without restrictions). However, due to the way that copyright laws can affect licensing conditions (true open source software permits commercial usage, unless I explicitly state that some other content has a different license), I abandoned usage of Super Mario sprites except in private projects that will not be shared. In a strict interpretation, a website like this would have not existed, and I would never get the opportunity to practice using what I like best. Sad

Fast forward to 2016, and I am now back in action. With the GNU GPL relicensing of the MAME emulator last March, I have decided to take a look at the state of that emulator once again. A year or two ago, I took a look at it, but shied away from it due to its license at that time, not now, prohibiting commercial usage of the emulator. Just before that March, I was on campus involved with a multi-game arcade machine that I had later discovered that this was a 60 in 1 MAME bootleg (driver name: 60in1); info is provided below. Playing the majority of the games on there, having noticed of a somewhat crippled experience (stripped copyright notices on attract modes, no ability to insert more than 2 credits at a time, no ability to pause emulation), thought about if MAME was on that machine (as stated earlier, the machine definitely ran MAME, likely a much older version that is about 0.37). This experience was what drove me to take a look at the state of MAME again. By this time, I had opened myself up to non-Mario games, which would make up the majority of supported machines in MAME.
Quote:60 in 1 © 2004 Unknown.

Bootleg release. The games found in this release were made by several different companies, mostly from Japan.


Main CPU : PXA255 (@ 200 Mhz)
Audio: 2x DMA-driven DAC.

Screen orientation : Vertical
Video resolution : 296 x 480 pixels
Screen refresh : 60Hz


This release includes the following games :
1. "Ms. Pac-Man"
2. "Galaga"
3. "Frogger"
4. "Donkey Kong"
5. "Donkey Kong Jr."
6. "Donkey Kong 3"
7. "Galaxian"
8. "Dig Dug"
9. "Crush Roller"
10. "Mr. Do!"
11. "Space Invaders"
12. "Pac-Man"
13. "Galaga 3"
14. "Gyruss"
15. "Tank Battalion"
16. "1942"
17. "Lady Bug"
18. "Burger Time"
19. "Mappy"
20. "Centipede"
21. "Millipede"
22. "Jr. Pac-Man"
23. "Pengo"
24. "Phoenix"
25. "Time Pilot"
26. "Super Cobra"
27. "Hustler"
28. "Space Panic"
29. "Super Breakout"
30. "New Rally-X"
31. "Arkanoid"
32. "Qix"
33. "Juno First"
34. "Xevious"
35. "Mr. Do's Castle"
36. "Moon Cresta"
37. "Pinball Action"
38. "Scramble"
39. "Super Pac-Man"
40. "Bomb Jack"
41. "Shao Lin's Road"
42. "King & Balloon"
43. "1943"
44. "Van-Van Car"
45. "Pac-Man Plus"
46. "Dig Dug 2"
47. "Amidar"
48. "Zaxxon"
49. "Pooyan"
50. "Pleiads"
51. "Gun. Smoke"
52. "The End"
53. "1943 Kai"
54. "Congo Bongo"
55. "Jumping Jack"
56. "Ms. Pac-Man" (fast version)
57. "Galaga" (rapid-fire version)
58. "Pac-Man" (fast version)
59. "Jr. Pac-Man" (fast version)
60. "Pac-Man Plus" (fast version)


VER 3.00


Edit this entry:

Anyways, I am just starting my own graphics (and if possible, audio) ripping project, but tuned for arcade games from 1978 or 1972, to 1986 or 1987. After finishing this period, I may then move on to later time periods. I have already looked at the 'Arcade' section for sprites, and it's good that at least the better known games have a so-so amount of content, but I soon noticed that some game entries do not exist, and some entries are incomplete in terms of missing certain content, more notably with less-often seen sprites and tile-maps/sets. This is what sparked my interest in doing this project, though I will accept help from other people.
My work will be stored in this Git repository:
I intend the repository to act like another Spriters Resource, but with the following:
  • Tuned specifically for arcade games that are supported in MAME
  • Provides documentation on how to perform resource rips/extracts for those games
  • Easy to download/clone the whole repository
  • Provides demos on the original behavior of sprites
Some, if not all, of the resources that I upload to that repository, will likely make their way back to the Spriters Resource, for completion purposes (this is another reason for me to do this ripping project). This work is done on my motivation, but may benefit other people as well.

Sorry if this post felt too long (could've been blamed on my disability of mild autism); I hope the work I will do here will bear something meaningful.
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