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★ URGENT! ★ Sonic Runners Needs Ripping
For those of you who do not know Sonic Runners is shutting down as seen by this article.

So far only bits and pieces have been ripped from sonic runners and soon there will not be any sonic runners left to rip from
I am asking for anyone and everyone who reads this to save a backup of all their data of Sonic Runners on their computers and to tell their friends and anyone else who may have sprites, models,  textures, music, etc. that is not currently on the VG Resource.
We need to rip what we can from multiple people or people who have all the models and has participated in all the events, etc. so that we can do this before it is too late.

I hope that a lot of people participate!
Also if you read this please, please leave a comment, and make sure to tell others.

So... Anyone have some backups of sonic runners that has data that can be ripped now? (or know of someone that does, then please speak up!)

There currently is a sprites resource page for Sonic Runners here:
There is currently a models resource page for Sonic Runners here:
There is no textures resource page for Sonic Runners yet.
There is no sound resource page for Sonic Runners yet.

Should I make an equivalent thread of this, in the sprites resource, sounds resource, and textures resource to see if more people find out about this and contribute as we are trying to get everything and anything from sonic runners before it shuts down?

Also I have mentioned this to other sites here:
The official VG Resource Discord

And Sonic Paradise seems to be doing something similar as shown here:
*Maybe we should work with them while doing this?*

I do not know if there are any unused textures for anything in sonic runner but we should check.

*This will be updated soon with more along with what the vg resource currently does and does not have.
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Actual Thread here:
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