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Yu-Gi-Oh! and Super Mario Maker chat thread

It isn't Yu-Gi-Oh or TCG related, but if you like airships made of ice and have Super Mario Maker, I suggest you give this a try. Includes secrets!
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(01-10-2017, 03:28 AM)Hiro-sofT Wrote: Oh man, I would lie if I would say, that I haven't collected those cards in my past... Shy

I actually always went to the flea market, to find some useful and interesting looking cards. Maybe I can take sometime pictures of some of those cards, as I still have them here around. I remember to have at least a Five Headed Dragon, multiple Magician Girls (special edition) and other stuff. I have a whole shelf with these money taking cards Tongue . I always loved to play the older games like the GBA worldwide edtion and the PC Power of Chaos games. I also played DevPro (internet playable Yu-gi-oh simulator) for a while, but I lost the interest in Yu-gi-oh later, as the game became a game of summoning, to summon the summon of the summon, to finally summon the boss summon, to kill the opponent with all summons Smug  .

Yeah, Because the game is getting more overpowered as the time files, OTKS are everywhere you go, it's literally Negate-Oh! now....
Very Sad Very Sad Very Sad

I understand your reasoning for losing interest.
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i would have been excited for mario maker 3DS, but it seemed a bit too watered down. i expected it to have less features, but it upset me that they took out the online community. they could have removed something else instead. i would prefer that they removed the three other mario styles (smb3, world, and new), and keep the amiibo mode (costume mario and etc).

but i guess most mario maker fans have friends and don't need the internet. smh
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I did the mistake to buy the 3DS version Sad . The lack of online functions is really noticeable... I played two, three days to unlock all the stuff and now it lies around and catches dust. Without online modes, there is nothing in here, what makes the WiiU version what it is. My main issues with this version are:
  • I can't get any feedback, because I have mostly friends outside my town/land/region.
  • Who picks his 3DS when he goes outside anyway? If you have nothing better to do I guess, which is mostly never the case, if I'm going outside with someone (besides boring 1 hour train routes for me if I go alone to school I guess).
  • I mostly can't play others user levels (only the 100 man challenge and you know, that's like looking for a gem in a trash bin).
  • There is no goal in making levels. You can get stars as a reward from people in the WiiU version, to know, that people liked your level. Such achievements are also totally gone.
  • Even most of the nintendo courses are bad, but I already knew that they wouldn't be better than WiiUs event or pre-created courses.
  • The levels from nintendo also have some interesting challenges in them, which was a neat idea. Too bad, that only nintendos levels can have challenges like this. Why not making it possible for us to make such challenges? You're teasing me nintendo Unimpressed .
  • Let's be honest, in the tutorials, who did it like me and actually did like nothing? Most of the time it was "place object", "go to play mode" and then "run right to the end of the screen". I had to laugh on how bad the tutorials are. For example, there was a tutorial about the helicopter mushroom, in which you have been told to collect coins. I didn't do it and just ran right out of curiosity, because everything before was just "run to right" and that's it. What happend? Well... Mashiko pointed out, that I understood the use of the helicopter mushroom by just running to the right. No effort was put in checking, if the player actually collected coins with it.

A total disappointment, even if I got it for a lower price than usually. But I expected nothing high tier anyway Rolleyes .
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Does anyone remember that weird phase when Yu-Gi-Oh players said, "They added new rules, it's ruined FOR-E-VAR!" ...Oh, wait, that happens every time a new mechanic is announced, let's be more specific.

I'm talking about the Link Monsters and Extra Zones. For those not in the know, they changed the field, moving the Pendulum Zones to the leftmost and rightmost parts of the Spell/Trap zone, and placing two Extra Zones in the middle of the field. Anything that can be summoned from the Extra Deck now has to go in these Extra Zones, to limit the ability to flood the field with Extra Deck monsters. The tradeoff is that all Link Monsters have arrows on them, pointing to the Monster Zones, and any zone they point to becomes and Extra Zone.

When it was first announced, there was two months of griping. "Rar, I can't fill my field with 3000 ATK monsters in one move, the game's ruined!" And pretty much at the two-month mark they're like, "Wait, never mind, I can STILL totally do that."

So fickle.
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A thing I recently realized about Yu-Gi-Oh that's interesting is that; in Magic The Gathering terms, its mechanics are basically built around a very Black/Red playstyle. IE, there's no energy/mana system but you have to sacrifice other cards to summon stronger ones, deceitful traps are so prevalent there's an entire card type for it, and the mechanics of battle basically work on all-or-nothing combat and every card pretty much has Trample

Which makes sense, if you remember that that game started as an MTG homage in a horror manga; and it just took over via executive meddling...
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(07-27-2018, 04:08 PM)titleknown Wrote: if you remember that that game started as an MTG homage in a horror manga; and it just took over via executive meddling...

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(07-27-2018, 05:38 PM)Kriven Wrote:
(07-27-2018, 04:08 PM)titleknown Wrote: if you remember that that game started as an MTG homage in a horror manga; and it just took over via executive meddling...


The original YGO manga was originally meant to be more of a horror series, but the "Wizards and Magic" TCG that was introduced in a few chapters ended up really popular, and Konami basically went, "Focus more on this so we can sell cards and compete with Pokemon."
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