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Legend Of Mana: Assembled Bosses/Monsters Sprites
I'd ask Raccoon Sam C as he was the one who dumped all of the palette files once upon a time. I scarcely remember what went into it.
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Oh, almost forgot. I found palette data in savestate files from DeSmume a long time ago. You might want to try looking at that.
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Just came across this web page when researching how GIMP do alpha-blending, and apparently there are at least 17 different ways to do it! Oh crap...

Then there is another problem - additive blending doesn't work if the background is transparent. It is still transparent after blend.

Try to make the result opaque, the clouds is still black, so it is still wrong.

I am no graphic designer, let me know if I am wrong - I think alpha mask with rgb(20,20,20) can be translate to rgba(255,255,255,20). It kind of feels right. The clouds are white and semi-transparent certainly helps. So alpha mask rgb(20,40,80) can be translate to rgba(63,127,255,80), right?

I don't know...

Taking a break for some fresh air.

@Smithy Thanks. I managed to find the palette. Turns out they are on "overlay/overlay_7.bin". Either that, or it is in "arm9.bin". I believe arm9.bin is like an .EXE and those overlay files are like .DLL for NDS. No idea how to work with them, yet.

BUT! If it is about assembling parts into sprites, it is done! All three NDS games used the same file format, so my script works on all 3 of them. I also found the animation sequence and timing data too. Some examples on how it looks with a grayscale palette.

.zip (Size: 618.77 KB / Downloads: 2) Grim Reaper from Dawn of Sorrow

.zip (Size: 300.24 KB / Downloads: 2) Loretta from Portrait of Ruins

.zip (Size: 674.83 KB / Downloads: 2) Rusalka from Order of Ecclesia

Please let me know is there any sprites that I need to be aware of, like it has alpha-blending and stuff.

Take care,
- Rufas
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Good job! I am stunned at the amount of progress you've made. Take a break, you need one.
As far as alpha blending and stuff goes, I don't think you have much to worry about for the DS games. I don't think the DS used much alpha blending at all.
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