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Ripping Request?
As of currently I am making a character for MUGEN but I need the sprites for him/her. It is the Deemo and the Girl sprites from Brave Frontier. I have no idea how to rip sprites off of apps so I was hoping that you guys could possibly rip it for me? I understand if it's a no. But if yes I need the sprite sheets of,_Light) and,_Light)
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You're not allowed to make requests until you meet the prerequisites -- read the rules!
I'm pretty sure you're in the wrong thread for this.

Also, information about what particular device the game is on/made for, or even its developers, would help.
Just a personal preference, but I don't like having to do searches just to find-out if such things are even remotely within my capabilities or interests.

Seeing as this is the ripping help thread, I could try figuring out how to do this, but it's up to you to find what you want and extract it, yourself.
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