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Extraction Evoland 2
Hello. I am a newcomer in the world of ripping and I'd really like to be able to retrieve and view textures and model Evoland 2. But can not find the way to open the file res.pak. Given the size of the file, I'm almost certain that this is the one that contains all the resources.
If someone just put me on the path I shall be delighted.

Sorry for my english, i'm french.

Good day to you.
Thank you.
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#script for quickbms
# By Allen
#2015-9-1 Evoland 2 .pak

idstring "PAK\0"
get DataOffset long
get fileSize long
get dummy short
get numFolder long
for i = 0 < numFolder
   set folderName string ""
   CallFunction unpack 0 folderName
next i

StartFunction unpack folderName
   get namelen byte
   getdstring name namelen    
   get type byte
   if type == 0
       get offset long
       get size long
       get dummy long
       math offset += Dataoffset
       set fname string FolderName
       string fname += /
       string fname += name
       log fname offset size
   elif type == 1
       string folderName += /
       string folderName += name        
       get numEntry long
       for j = 0 < numEntry
           set folderName2 string folderName
           CallFunction unpack 0 folderName2
       next j

Just in case any users search for the same, this is the script I used. Aluigi posted this over on the Zenhax forum.
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