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[HELP] Reading .arc, .tex, .sdl, .moflex files? Extracting PWAA: Dual Destinies
A bit of a noob here, I managed to extract Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Dual Destinies just for curiosities' sake. Now after I done that, what do I do now?

I'm sure you can't read .arc files within your average 3D modeling program, .tex is probably texture files, and I have no idea what are .moflex files are. Yes, I tried opening .arc files with FreeArc, looks like it isn't archive files since it came out as corrupted or unsupported.

[Image: zJ47tvd.png]
[Image: qA5YGiK.png]
[Image: CteitNx.png]

Anyone care to enlighten me? Smug
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Moflex is a 3ds video format for the games. the .arc is most likely a archived file with the model in it, and the .tex is indeed textures... the FreeArc files r mostly... background props
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