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DX ripper 3d and dolphin problem
I know this is an ongoing unavoidable problem with dx ripper, but i have seemed to have tried everything in the book to fix it.
I am ripping levels/scenes from the gamecube version of Sonic Adventure DX using dolphin and DX Ripper 3d, because it is the only ripper that seems to work consistently.
(I understand there are level rippers for the pc version, but they don't rip all of the models and architecture i need, and are missing a lot of key components).
While the models it rips seem to be complete, the some of the surface normals are ripping flipped, including very small details, leaving large black holes throughout the mesh.
[Image: ycfvNbi.jpg]
[Image: JOTGDxF.jpg]
 I am using 3ds max 9 to import the frames, in order to take advantage of the 3dr plugin, but i have access to pretty much any modeling software.
I have tried everything, from 3ds max's unify normals/flip normals, modifier, to blender's recalculate normals feature, to importing two seperate meshes, flipping all of the normals on one, and combinding the two, but it doesn't seem to fix alot of the holes.

I would flip each normal surface one by one, but it would take FOREVER on a lot of the smaller objects.
I know that the mesh is importing in full, because when i render "flat" to my viewport, its full:
[Image: uaZjvs5.jpg]

also, when i disable culling in unity (where i am using these levels, for personal use, not commercial), the model is full, but because of the way lighting and normals work, the mesh becomes uneven in its lighting, AKA BAD lighting. it looks terrible.

I guess i am asking, is there ANY thing i can do to fix my rips/rip correctly?
I am using the newest version of dx ripper, along with both the newest dolphin (that uses x86 versions of windows) and a rev6115 version of dolphin, both rendering in dx9.
is their a plugin or maxscript that i am missing that can fix this? a different, better ripper?(i have tried ninja and 3dvia, both with problems)
is there anything i can do?
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Due to the nature of the model format, you will have to flip the faces yourself.
This happens even when you import the models using a maxscript.
What you could do is rip the main level geometry, and then rip the set pieces later on and place them yourself.
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It was just the same problem I had with Gintama Yorozuya Choobu model of Sadaharu I ripped with 3D Ripper DX as well... but only when I perform the vertex wielding on it. the Cel Shading was mixed with the texture surface making black holes on every part of that poor dog model as well as did with your stage textures.

this was one of my reasons for quitting doing that since neither QuickBMS, Neither with the help of TGE and Neither with anything else... I was not able to get the model. and the worst thing... I have no damn idea of how can I get that model for myself.

Sorry for flooding this, but I thought it was a good moment to explain that, becuz I am not so fully able to write and understand English 100%, I had no idea of how those black spots and since I hate being spied on google, I can't upload any render, in order to prevent Google images to show them.

I just can suggest you to try to flip the normals/textures or edit each material separately... because I dunno how to deal with this as you might understand by reading my case.
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