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a whole lot of stuff courtesy of shawn
I don't know the reason for the lack of highlights other than personal style, but

The hair takes up a big space and would be a pretty bland solid object without the detail. It makes sense for the body to be less detailed because it has more complex, overlapping forms that'd look really cluttered with more detail.
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it's just personal preference. i rarely find hair shines to add anything in terms of form or detail. they usually just make hair seem plastic and fake and come off as a useless anime aesthetic. i usually only include them for dark hair or really specific scenarios.
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Oh btw WaveCrash is awesome I've been playing it with my roomate and friend and they get into it. Is that Purple flying girl gonna be the purple player?
[Image: SRR-matchups_zpsy3ar8bki.gif]

September 1st.

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The purple girl was a standalone commission. The person just wanted it in the same style.

Glad you like the game though! I've never played it myself, to be honest, but I do know that it's been getting good reception and, not sure if i should say this but, more characters are being planned for the future.
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