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Full Version: a whole lot of stuff courtesy of shawn
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[Image: tumblr_nn0n11zGUw1ryfvhxo1_r1_500.gif]
[Image: tumblr_nn0n11zGUw1ryfvhxo2_500.gif]
[Image: tumblr_inline_nmbicwBD051qgdjy6_540.png][Image: Hyit3fz.png]
[Image: tumblr_inline_nm9jdhPr4G1qgdjy6_540.png][Image: tumblr_inline_nnna40OEFL1qgdjy6_500.gif][Image: tumblr_noiy7dqXgi1ryfvhxo1_100.gif][Image: n9lhHBu.gif]
[Image: jHqVLfG.png][Image: iGr62Zt.png][Image: 81o0Rap.gif]
[Image: doILwLP.png][Image: KuIZYQo.gif]
[Image: 9JNum2f.png]

And a bunch of other stuff I can't share yet due to copyright or whatever.
i've always liked your style

[Image: tumblr_nn0n11zGUw1ryfvhxo2_500.gif]

this guy's walking anim (middle anim) looks weird, i think he should raise his right leg higher as it's 'overlapping' with the other leg
[Image: 4h8yFvz.gif] [Image: nCkk2nU.gif]

[Image: ZgYGwgn.gif] [Image: Znk0OBq.gif]

[Image: jKdqqL1.gif] [Image: H5zUYGi.gif] [Image: XA3kkfD.gif]

[Image: rM96Hhe.gif] [Image: yQVSROC.gif]

Random selection of animations I did for iZBOT by Ruxar.

My art isn't in this trailer but I was commissioned to redo all the graphics which I overworked myself this past weekend doing.  Also, the game generally looks really fun so it was a pleasure to work with. Smile
Man you've gotten hells good since the first time you came around these forums Smile
[Image: ddp0tGS.gif]

[Image: 123wl0C.png]

dude just take my money. like all of it. I dont have much to my name but by the almighty pixel gods you have been given hands of pure pixelnium, may your palettes be efficient and your cycles be lively!
[Image: ddp0tGS.gif]

the moving facial features aren't working here I fear. It really looks like the face is jelly
Fourth row far right reminds me of some old concept sprites I did a while ago...I wonder if I still have them. Completely forgot about that project.
Whoa, it's crazy to see Shawn's stuff; Pixeltendo nostalgia haha

On some of the animations, some parts arn't necessary to be animated in that way or need some more sub-pixeling to be happening. Especially since you're not working with that many frames. What Gors pointed out is a prime example of what I'm trying to explain.

I like the stylization of the sprites, reminds me a bit of the Scott Pilgrim sprites.
[Image: s6eS4Nf.gif] [Image: D4qD8rr.gif]

[Image: kgOebrw.gif] [Image: 8XfYOml.gif] [Image: 5q2puHG.gif] [Image: qdy644q.gif] [Image: M8qUCLb.gif]

[Image: HYFtxY7.gif] [Image: 3HB4VkX.gif] [Image: dkccp9C.gif] [Image: OPYCUHs.gif] [Image: jCZG3lV.gif]
[Image: 6m0WuF4.gif]
[Image: tumblr_nr5eeov3xp1ryfvhxo1_540.png]
[Image: dN7uHDp.png]
[Image: b9AX9iF.png]

I am back from the dead to share a few things, I guess. Hi.

And if anyone's wondering. Nah, None of these were made to actually be used in any games.
Good to see you back. nice stuff as usual my friend Nerd

Those BGs are killin it.
Oh man.......the stuff here is overwhelming. These animations are so soft and smooth too, man! Great stuff. Do you work on games or this skill just accumulated over time. Geez you should really work on games!
wow awesome works! love it
The cartoony style you're going for looks nice. But something is bugging me about it.

[Image: 8XfYOml.gif]
Especially with this one. The hair is more detailed than the characters, and are lacking highlights too. Is there any reason for this?
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