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Need help with .jarc type of files
can someone help me learn on how to extract from this .jarc type of files
from the game i decrypted, in the character folder there is a set of .jarc files for each character
so can someone pls help me
I already looked through web but I got no luck in finding any methods to extract this

Here is a sample of the set of files

Tnx in advance  Big Grin
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It's a very simple format but there's already a QuickBMS script for it here: However these are little endian, so at the top of the script remove the line "endian big". Then it should work perfectly.

Unfortunately, I can't really help with the resulting files. jtex (with the jIMG header) is pretty obviously an image format but not one I can easily figure out.
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Knowing the game name and system would be helpful.

I found a texture, I think.
[Image: rW7Duk7.png]
Would this happen to be a 3ds game?

Found a text thing.
[Image: 95Kx6FT.png]
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sorry for the late reply sir, i've been busy lately Smile
btw, tnx for the help it really solved my problem Big Grin
and isn't jtex a .text type of file? not sure about that Smile

yes sir, it is a 3DS game
the game is called one piece: super grand battle! x Smile
BTW, which files have your ripped that from sir? Smile
Sorry about this, but i'm totally a newbie when it comes to decrypting files especially on a 3DS game Smile
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The texture is from the aka_toy.jtex file.
Like puggsoy said, the jtex files are the images.
That texture and a few text things are the only images in there.

I'm going to guess the jmdl files are the models. I do not know how to read models, so that is as much as I can help with Smile
If there are other image files of interest, I'll look at them for ya.

Turns out the jmdl files have textures too.
[Image: ptFANTA.png]
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ohhh, thank you for ripping those textures sir,
btw, what method did you used to extract those textures?
and if textures for the characters are the ones that can be extracted from those files, would that mean that no set of sprites for the characters in game can be extracted? only some text like sprites are in there?

btw, what is a ...
.jmot type of file, is mot stands for motion? then will it have the animations on it?
.jfmt type of file i saw this from the aka_cmn_spt then aka_fmt file of a .jarc 
i assume that there's some img in here
i searched the web and only .mot and .fmt files are searched
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Hello there.
I know this thread has been dead for quite a while now, still I wanted to know if anyone has been able to extract the 3D models of the characters of this game (One Piece: Super Grand Battle X). 

I managed to obtain a good .cia file of the game, then unpack it with HackingToolkit9DS to obtain the folders, then, inside the folder called ExtractedRomFS -> chara I found a series of .jarc files refering to the characters of the game. The image below is an example for a character called "Ace".

[Image: 20180515145756.png]

Then, I was able to extract the .jarc files for that character using the with Quickbms. But unfortunatelly I ended up with a lot of new files (including new .jarc files) with the "j" extensions. See image below:

[Image: 20180515145345.png]
I was able to read the .jtex files using jTexTool, and it turned out that they were images of japanese characters in a row or some textures but nothing else. See image below:

[Image: 20180515151256.png]

I've had no luck with the other files, so I wanted to ask here if anyone knows for a tool to obtain the 3D models of this game and their textures, or maybe a way to read the .jmdl .jmot .bin .jclt and .jefc files. 

I know it's been a long time, but is worth the try.
Thanks for reading.
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ah i know exactly what game this is! ive been looking into it myself recently but i havent had much luck....jmdl is the same filetype used for models in unlimited world red so i figured the import script i have for that game would work but i can only get it to import ace's bones for now so i'm still kinda stuck? i tried changing the endian in the script from big to little because i read somewhere that it's the only difference between the jmdls in this game and the ones in uwr but that doesnt seem to have helped any so idk

[Image: unknown.png]

but if i manage to figure it out ill let you know because im very interested in the models from this game too
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