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Submissions (OR: "Why is my sheet taking so long to get on the site?")
We get it, we are humans and have flaws too. That's why we are open to discussion about these things. But just because we are authority doesn't mean that when we are being unfairly antagonized (as it happens MUCH too often), we should just sit back and take it. It is our jobs to keep order but we deserve to be treated fairly too. After all, we bust our butts to keep this community and the site in running order for everyone, and appreciation for that isn't shown all that often. You guys don't realize the shit we have to put up with behind the scenes. While we do have our bad days and can't always be professional, there is such a thing as people being unable to discern help from an attack and are too quick to paint a bad picture of others just because they don't like what is being said, too.

Also, appreciate being called a "wanker". Top-notch class, bud.
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Y'all realize that Petie asked us to drop it, and take it into PM's to keep this thread on topic...

Now, I complied with his request, yet 2 admins decided to continue with their 'rants'! Seems like the last 2 posts added nothing relevant to the topic at hand. But hey, as long as there be more excuses on the table...

I won't apologize for callin y'all wankers...Seriously, my hands have a mind of their own, especially when they're between my legs, a'la wanker like lol << see, an excuse.

I get that people have a bad day, Jets, and I get that things can get blown out of proportion. Most of the admins do a lot for the resources and I respect you guys for it. I'd believe y'all would cop a lot of shit, there are some douchebags on this site. All SickAlice did was mention that he / she submitted models and wanted to volunteer to help. In all honesty, Pingu's response came off as kind of dickish in my opinion. Maybe SickAlice felt the same way and got defensive. But 3 admins, aguing the same point is pretty much overkill in my books. 1 admin response should be enough!
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