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Ripping help by One piece romance dawn
how i rip from this game? because i need Whitebeard and some more models but whitebeard is important
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If you're talking about the 3DS version, then I suggest you trying to get the Xorpad of the game rom and do some steps to try to get into the model files and extract them, then you can upload it here, then maybe some of us will try to figure out how to get the model out of the file format that normally would be compressed or unknown.

If you don't have an idea of how to get a Xorpad from a game rom by yourself. here's a tutorial on youtube.

1 nintendo 3DS with firmware 4.1 or 4.5 (If you have a 3DS with firmware version 5.0 to 9.2 No worries, you can downgrade it back to 4.x, The tutorial for downgrading nintendo 3DS, is included in the video description)
1 Gateway 3DS flashcart

and more importantly.

The rom of One Piece Romance Dawn...

of course, you can also do it with ANY 3DS game rom... but don't hope we may succesfully succeed at ripping every model from every 3DS game... even if I have the Gateway 3DS and all the methods to get Xorpads, I know already that I am a failure at decrypting, converting and decompressing formats that aren't RAR,ZIP or 7Z... LOL.
and even if I ask for help to the other guys. I know they can have difficulties at this, maybe if I would rather study Python/RGGSS/C++ instead of GWBASIC/QBASIC/Visual Basic... Then perhaps I would at least have 1% of knowledge of how to rip stuff instead of just a 0%... Tongue
let's hope I did help you with the problem.

PS: if you don't have the Gateway 3DS or your Nintendo 3DS is over 9.2 (Or else you don't want to downgrade it)... then I will make the Xorpad for you (Or even try to rip the models from the game itself)... but I need the rom.
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