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Request for Mario Kart 7 Models
Ok, so I randomly got the idea to use blender to create an animation about mario kart 7. Cool Here's the problem: I need models. I have three models (DK, Luigi, Bullet Bill) that I got from (great site, has models, sprites and textures). I want it textured though (Luigi was very difficult, had to use materials, and DK was simple because of only 2 or 3 if you count the tie), if it is a character with armature it would be very much appreciated, but not required if you don't know about armatures. Keep reading! Anyone who gives me 1 model will be on my end credits when I upload it to youtube.

Tongue Bye for now!

P.S I also posted this on blender forumotion
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I'm sorry but due to site rules you can only request things from others when you have at least 20 posts and one month of membership. This is so you can be a part of the community before asking for things.

For more info, read the rules.

I'll lock this thread.
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