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Hopefully I'm not too out of place. I'm a programmer and not an artist.  I was interested in art when I was younger, but didn't have the patience to become better at it.  I was always more interested in math subjects.

I've played video games for nearly 30 years and I appreciate the skill of the artists involved in them. I found this site a year or so ago while doing research on creating sprite art for a side project.  I had a primary project fall through and I decided to accelerate my side project.

I'm looking to build contacts with people that are interested in creating art for video games. I know I could just post in the Commissions section, but I thought it would be rude of me.  I'm looking for longer term friendships and not just contract work.

I've been very introverted most of my life, so please forgive me if I come off as a little awkward. I decided I needed to be more social and look for more friendships to be able to achieve what I want.
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Hey there Roik. Nice to meet you. You arent out of place, there are lots of programers here. I hope you do make good friends and enjoy it here. Smile
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Hey Roik, welcome to the Resource! As BlueBlur said, there are lots of programmers here, I'm one of them! This is definitely a great community even if you can't sprite to save your life Tongue

Hope you enjoy your stay!
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