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So it's been a long road.
I don't know how many of these "I'm back messages" I've made so far, but well here's another one.

Anyone who's been even slightly following my life knows things went, well, pretty bad. In one way it's amazing to see how strong the human soul is, on another it's nearly impossible to even conceive how hard a person can fall and just how cruel people can seem to be - and your brain nearly ripping itself apart to try and understand the logic.

I've made mistakes, I've handled things badly at times, but I feel I'm in a good place again. I'm not a perfect person, my morals aren't golden - but they are a part of me. I can't chisel myself into a perfect image and I've accepted I'm not going to be the 'self' I was before all this, things have changed. 

And well, I miss you guys, I've distanced myself from a lot of people, a self created void, ignoring the help offered and excluding many of the people who mean the most to me. I miss Dazz. Finally had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife not too long ago (well, probably a while ago now) and I have to say I was nervous. Not because he's famous or any of that nonsense (hey man, you was just a kid when I got started Wink ) but it's always weird when you first meet someone you've known online for so long. But it was great, it was just him, as I knew him, and we talked as if we'd met in the pub every weekend. 

I've tried ripping sprites again, and well, I just don't think it's going to happen. I just don't have the time. After work it's just not what I want to do now. During the education/unemployment years it was fine, it was kinda like work, sure I enjoyed it but I no longer have time for it and my hobbies or just relaxing time. I hope during a week off or something I'll get some time to get DarkStalkers finished but well, even that's up in the air.

Which brings me onto the other news. I haven't touched my website since the 9/9/12 - that's more than 2 years. Yeah I know I wasn't the biggest, the best, hell some of my sheets have been far eclipsed by others now. But they mean a lot to me. I generally get nostalgic and happy just looking at them because I remember the work that went into them, the excitement of finishing them, and the joy of seeing them online. Working together with my good friend Locke_gb7 of Nes-Snes-Sprites just filled so many years of great times, I just have so many good memories, so many laughs. It's been a pleasure, a real pleasure. 

From seeing Dazz as a troubled kid with some serious demons, to becoming pretty much "the" sprite guy was something great to be apart of, great to witness. No it may not mean a lot to many, thousands won't know where that Metal Slug sprite in RetroGamer UK came from, 100s won't know who ripped the sprites for that stupid Flash animation of "Link, He goes to Town" - but we were there, offering a surface, playing with tools and pouring in hours of our lives just to archive the graphics of the game we enjoyed so much, for others to use or for simply viewing pleasure so people can appreciate them. You never appreciate a waterfall until you can hear it, and you can never appreciate a sprite fully until you've seen it frame by frame.

So yeah, I'll miss it. But it's time to hang it up. Dazz, it's yours. All the content that says "Ripped by Goemar" at the bottom of the page is yours for tSR. I won't be renewing my hosting. I started this thing on the 1st January 2003. It was never a business, I never wanted to expand it. It was just my thing. Well, mine and Locke_gb7's thing - we were two best friends just loving what we did. It was like our own personal clubhouse. 

I'm sorry about the long post, for those who don't get excited by the fact that when punching someone close as oppose to further away has 5 different frames of animation - a lot of this probably means very little. But I'm back. No doubt everyone has changed there usernames (again) but well, I'm sure I'll get everyone placed eventually. 

I used to love having this place as part of my life, I hope to do that again.
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I don't know you well but, from reading this, it's clear that this part of your past is important to you and I don't want to stand by and let it disappear. PM me if you have even the slightest desire to not to let it go completely.
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I was wondering where you went! I don't know you from the old old days but I do remember you from last time you were here. Welcome back Smile

(12-22-2014, 05:15 PM)Goemar Wrote: You never appreciate a waterfall until you can hear it, and you can never appreciate a sprite fully until you've seen it frame by frame.

This is so true. Ever since I started ripping sprites (and browsing other sheets), I've been appreciating sprites way more and have formed a great respect for sprites artists.
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I kinda remember you. Very nice words. Welcome back pal. Smile
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Anonymous Wrote:...the world is so much simpler if you just dont give a FUCK...
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Goemar, it's a privileged to see you on this forum again. It's a Christmas gift I couldn't ask for more. Meeting you back in August was a real pleasure, and made our anniversary trip very enjoyable.

I'm sorry to see things not going your way recently, and I hope that you can fight the problems you've encountered. As I said when I was with you in York, I'll always be here to talk to you, and I will always consider you my friend. And somebody that I would love to help out where I can.

Where it comes to your website and its content, I'd happily upload your stuff to tSR. I'd also like to see your domain not fall away into disappearance though - you took pride in it, and it's nothing something that should be left that way. Please PM Petie and he & I will help you sort that out.

I hope you can reacquaint yourself with old friends here. A lot of them are still around Smile
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I feel bad things have been going so rough for you, mate. It's rather depressing that all the admirers and fans of these successful artists and creators think their idols live wonderful lives when sometimes that's not the case at all. You made a lot of people happy and gave others a lot of inspiration, Goemar, so if there's anything I can do to cheer you up, please let me know.

Also, when more old members come to revisit this site, I'm hoping that they don't end up in the same rut as you have.
(02-27-2014, 07:31 PM)Gors Wrote: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SUCK. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SHOW YOUR SUCKY ART. I think this needs to go noticed to everyone, because sucking is not failing. Sucking is part of the fun of learning and if you don't suck, then you won't own at pixelart

it's ok to suck, sucking is not bad, just try and aim to always do your best!
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ayyy goemar

I've never been particularly good with the serious, but I basically saw myself years ago in that post (yep, I read it all and I know the feeling too well)
It's nice to see you're still passionate about the work you do :]

Though, we've all got patches in our life where it's a little hard to follow our old passions. We get busy, and Real Life Things happen. Jobs, moving out, love. We go back and reevaluate things, and sometimes realize the shitty fact that these things have shoehorned their way into our lives leaving little room for our old hobbies. :/
That was me with spriting and ripping years ago. Unfortunately, real life won and now I'm more or less VGR's most vocal squatter. ): But, likewise I've always loved the community and I'm also passionate about the site's future (oh, yeah, that's why I've been so vocal and a pain in the ass all this time. Sorry VGR staff...maybe I should have been more straightforward with that sooner)
I, too like having this place as part of my life. ):

Like the others here though, I'd recommend you keep your domain kicking 'cos it sounds like you loved the heck out of that place.
But if things are a little tough, you don't need to actually sprite/pixelart like every single day to enjoy the place. It's OK to go from "artist" to "enthusiast"...and whether this is temporary or permanent, we're not gonna judge you on your decision. You're our pal, and you're VGR's pal (like, I'm pretty sure the vg-resource domain, site network, and large SQL database, if it could, would become sentient and give you a big hug right about now)

That all said, it's good to have you back, Goemar. [:
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shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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Even though I don't know who you are, I still welcome you back, and I hope that things get better for you. Heart
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(12-22-2014, 07:24 PM)puggsoy Wrote:
(12-22-2014, 05:15 PM)Goemar Wrote: You never appreciate a waterfall until you can hear it, and you can never appreciate a sprite fully until you've seen it frame by frame.
This is so true. Ever since I started ripping sprites (and browsing other sheets), I've been appreciating sprites way more and have formed a great respect for sprites artists.
Echoing this. You really can't appreciate sprite artists until you see what they do, piece by piece. At the risk of sounding cheesy, it's a fantastic experience.

Anyway, welcome back to the site, Goemar. Sorry for any trouble you've experienced in the past. Hope to see you around more, if possible. Smile
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I didn't realize it's been that long since you've been here. Time flies I guess, welcome back man
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Welcome back. I hadn't seen you in a while.
God is good.  Big Grin

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Even though I don't know you, goemar, your post made me let a tear out. What a wonderful person you must be ! I wish for you that you will find a solution to any obstacle you encounter.
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I'm one of the cool people who never changed my name over an extended period of time. Though we've never posted directly to each other, so you probably don't know me, welcome back anyways.

EDIT: Also, pretty sure I used to use your site everyday back when I did my shitty sprite comics. I got frustrated at the transparency because I worked in MS Paint.
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I remember you, I was wondering what happened.

I'm glad to see you back, and I hope that you'll overcome any problems in your life!
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I send my hopes to you that your life goes better!
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Your work was great, I remember using your site, I'll always remember that you left a legacy in my eyes, Memory is a beautiful color to paint on the canvas of the world. You go man!
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