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Double Dragon 2 Ninja edit
[Image: PV7RtcH.png]
My edit on the Ninja enemy from Double Dragon 2. Also credit to Tomisarus, for the DD2 Enemy sprites, Ploaj, for the Regular Show sprites, and DudeSean for the Billy Mode A sprite.
she was the one with the broken smile
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You know you can edit posts, right? There's no need to make a new thread.
[Image: 582217063e.png][Image: RWDCRik.png]

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Not sure if this is somehow intentional but it looks like a he splits in half in the first running frame.
[Image: rHiHaRN.jpg]
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I've deleted the other thread since it was unnecessary.
The sprites aside, there is absolutely no reason for the empty space at the bottom whatsoever. Get rid of the Regular Show characters and make all the test smaller and you can fit your entire credit tag either to the right of or under your sprites.
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(12-13-2014, 12:09 AM)EternalFirebird Wrote: [Image: PV7RtcH.png]
Mi edición sobre el enemigo Ninja de Double Dragon 2. También le doy crédito a Tomisarus, por los sprites enemigos de DD2, Ploaj, por los sprites de Show regular, y DudeSean por el sprite de Billy Mode A.

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