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Pokémon Model Ripping Project
(07-10-2024, 08:41 PM)Rispwind Wrote: I was hoping that I could get some assistance. I have been working on extracting a variety of models and animations from SwSh, LGPE, and BDSP. Now I've been working on Scarlet and Violet. (To clarify, I've been exporting models to DAE files and animations to SMD files in Toolbox)
I dumped my RomFS from my Switch and used the "SCVI_Extract" tool by FullLifeGames on GitHub, but I've now found myself stuck.
In Switch Toolbox I can view textures, but the models and animations are not viewable.
I'm looking particularly to get the models and animations for trainers implemented in Teal Mask and Indigo Disk (if anyone has already extracted those). Otherwise, I'd like some assistance in how I could access these files.
Thanks in advance!

[Image: screenshot-2024-07-10-183027.png]
Jumping in here cause this is where I'm stuck as well, I tried finding a different converter for the s/v animation files but there were almost no results online for .tracm/.tranm/.traef files, if anyone has the answer that would be awesome
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