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Jetpack Joyride Sprites?(Now With IPA!)
I'm on the move right now and will be for a while, I've just got a little bit of internet for a moment. I have got my computer with me so I will take a look at these .bins once I can. They are most likely in a custom format, when ripping things from games file extensions are rarely something to go by. Especially in the case of .bin, this usually stands for "binary", meaning that the format is probably unique to the game and there's no official name for it. CD/DVD images use the .bin extension but these certainly aren't in the same format.
Sprites ~ Sounds
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I Imagine. I tried a .BIN to .ZIP thing and it didn't work. I would say that the data is Most likely custom. And I don't know a program that can open .BIN files. Now that that would work, though.
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