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SHE (still) WANTS THE 3D
ok so no one is making any 3d up here at tsr ?

on my end i finally learned how to do UVs, and wow they're still the most annoying thing
i tried to lay em out on that skeleton guy right above this post, but it will take me decades tbh

so i made something very lowpoly real quick, and precticed uvs on that with pixelart textures Big Grin

[Image: hI55hbA.png]

EDIT : the texture weren't showing up right, and i fixed a bunch of other stuff so here's a finished version
[Image: HYq4Bzw.gif]
[Image: E3DU8rS.png]
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So I made the Theatre of Epidaurus in 123 Design

If only the program supported custom textures

[Image: 803ce84258.gif]
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oh shit??? we're posting random models we're working on?? well sign me the FUCK UP

[Image: ddI8R0r.png][Image: UqOs70a.png][Image: EK5WfqQ.png]

this buddy was a shot in the dark because his references refused to cooperate with me,,, lets pray to god that the weight paint gods will have mercy on me
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[Image: GgBfxby.jpg][Image: 3dtglA5.jpg][Image: QoJFUyS.jpg]not 3d work but if anyone can edit the oot models somehow into this thatd be rad

its linkle ganondame and prince zeldo
暗闇の虹[Image: Q16dYWh.jpg]
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[Image: DNBw-G6UMAAukwp.jpg][Image: DNBw-_VV4AUE5mQ.jpg][Image: DNBw_zaVwAA4J9j.jpg]
[Image: DMRc5zLUQAEQLFo.jpg]
Made a lowpoly shantae and a model for my friend
Even for low poly, that Shantae model is probably the closest looking one I've seen to the source-material.
I like to make models in my free time. I also make weird games, too.
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Good lord, those models are beautiful!
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