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Sprite Animations
Hey Guys, I need some help with a project I'm working on, could use a hand to meet a deadline. I need these sprites animated so that I can implement them into this project.
[Image: UoCg1Yr.png]
If anyone's willing to help, the frames don't need to be complex. The dragon needs a small attack animation in frames that involves flapping wings, fire breath, and a spear stab. The sword-man needs an animation a large swipe with a trail effect, ax-man needs some kind of swipe and the spear-man needs a stab animation. The Gandalf type doesn't really need anything, just there for no reason Big Grin

If anyone can help thanks so much.[/font]


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Um... you can't just come on here expecting people to do things for you. Try getting to know the members and make an effort to actually learn how to animate sprites yourself. Later on, you could make a project about it and maybe people will help you if they are willing and able.
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"If you are willing to help" I came onto here expecting nothing. I only wanted to see if I could source some help, as this place is the 'Spriter's Resource'. If you don't want to help me, I don't need you to tell me that I can't ask for help on here. Where else do I go? I know it's asking something but it's not much really. Again, If anyone is WILLING to help me with the animation of those 4 tiny sprites, please reply to this thread. For the record, I can animate fine, I popped a quick thread on here to get help to do some simple animations for 4 main characters while I worked on the other 26 smaller NPCs' animations and the game itself.
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Locked, and warned. This is a request. Please view the forum's rules next time. You even posted this in a board that has nothing to do with what you're asking.
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