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New Feature: Auto-Resizing Header
By popular request, we think we've found a solution to the cramped header issue that should make everyone happy. It's already live so all you have to do is refresh and scroll!

After you scroll down 100px (arbitrary number that seems to work), all of the header pieces shrink to about half of their size. We removed a couple of less important pieces of information from the user box at the top but the rest of the navigation is still there and ready to be used - just a tiny bit smaller.

You'll also notice that we reduced the height of the site bar (the blue bar at the top) as well. This should further reduce the impact these fixed elements have on smaller screens.

We've temporarily removed the code that unfixed it entirely for small screens to address some issues but that will be back soon.

As always, let us know what you think and post any bugs and feedback here!
I'm not sure whether I like these changes yet or not, but I know they'll grow on me after a while.
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To be honest, I wasn't crazy about the idea myself originally but Dazz convinced me that we needed to do something for those of you who didn't like the fixed header and this seemed like a good compromise since I also didn't want to completely unfix it.

Edit: I just realized that I never mentioned that it actually did grow on me the more we talked about it! I don't still dislike the idea and I'm hoping others will also learn to appreciate it if they don't already.
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If it's any consolation, I do like this change. I can actually see the sprite sheets now. :]
[Image: 582217063e.png][Image: RWDCRik.png]

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