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Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage ACME Items and their Effects
Can anyone get all of the ACME Items and their effects from Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage?

All I got is this box for starters. Sad

I'll share it with anyone who can help.

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These tools can rip SNES sprites. Give them a shot.
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I DID Rip this from Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage.

I had trouble trying to get the other items because I wasn't quick enough.

I played this on ZSNES using only a keyboard!

I think I am beginning to understand why Spriting is Hard.
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*pinches the skin between her eyebrows* It doesn't matter whether you're using a keyboard or not. Most sprite/model/texture rippers only use keyboards in their emulators, and are able to rip the things they need just fine.

Like I said, look at the tools in the link I provided. I, personally, have never ripped any SNES sprites, but from looking at that webpage, SpriteView sounds like a perfect option for beginners, as you can make a save state at the part that has the item(s) you need, then open the save state with that program.

Also, I know this isn't Looney Tunes, but it's similar:
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I can't use SpriteViewer because it's not compattible with the version of Windows that I have on my computer. Sad

This is why I am asking anyone to help me out. I only ripped the ACME Box because I was playing too fast to get the other items. Sad I even missed the objects from the 2nd Stage when I used the Target Pads.

I can only rip stuff that can only STAND STILL!
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SpriteView isn't for Windows, it's for DOS.
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You need to run it from the commandline.

A better option would be TileMolester
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I don't think it'll work for TileMolester.

Quite Frankly, I think using ZSNES has been quite helpful for me.

If you're using the right Cheat Codes.

And If you can manage to get Save States under control, which I have not yet done.
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If you're using ZSNES, you can use the F1 menu to advance frame-by-frame, and save each snapshot as you go along.

(I'd also suggest using SNES9x instead but that's just my opinion)
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Or you can go to Speed Options and configure any buttons not used to control your characters to the presented input.

[Image: 33dcc9v.png]

You don't have to configure them to my specifications, but once you do it'll make disabling sprites and snapping screen shots a lot easier. Just be careful when you pause the emulation. You can't disable layers when its frozen, so make sure you take care of those before you attempt to rip and increase frames.
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