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Sword Art Appreciation - Anime Thread
I agree, the beginning of Naruto was fantastic, and i always want to re-read it due to nostalgia, but then im put off because it transitions so slyly and i never quite know where to stop and then i hit a point of i realise im reading something... not... good.... Very Sad
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welp my body can't handle the cuteness of miss kobayashi's dragon maid.

but can you really blame me with how adorable it is?
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I just binged the first season of My Hero Academia (yes I watched the dub) a couple days ago at 12:00pm instead of making the intelligent decision to get some sleepUnsure... I thought it was pretty good. I don't usually watch a lot of anime and when I do, I'm generally fairly picky about what I watch, and this one was actually good. I'm interested in the future of the series.

It kind of reminds me of Naruto, but with a more like able main character (I'm not a fan of Naruto's attitude).
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Just watched the first Date A Live, it looked like it's focusing on Harem more than the Anime's Plot...
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Did anybody see the trailer for the Castlevania anime?

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I'm watching Little Witch Academia and Jojo, but I think I'll start watching Fate/Zero to have all my homework done for when Fate;GO will came out in the West.
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