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some new crap
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Any opinions? Should I go for the more detailed face or not?
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maybe the detailed faces could work but i dont like em atm
the simple ones are good tho

2x resolution GBA fire emblem lets make this happeennnn
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I feel like when doing 2x res sprites it's good to add details that aren't there. Things like folds in clothes and shine spots.
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It seems like you used less details on your attempt. The original sprite looks like he's wearing shorts with leg showing.
I circled that and the boots that need detail work. I did the most work on the face and changed the color to use the originals sprites.(not saying you should)
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Love Gotta Have it:
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i tried to fix them but it's hard when you're not VirtuaBoy
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soldiers in all colours

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new stuff, the thief is in no way complete
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