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The VG Resource Icon Renovation
This really is an incredible moment. RTB, seriously amazing work finishing the rest of tMR! Thanks!

I'll be removing the icon renovation code likely this weekend so that bar should be gone soon.

I've also started awarding the badges. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place have all been awarded and should be visible. I'll take care of the participation badges as I have time.

Edit: All awards have now been issued and the bar has been removed from tMR!
Oh so thats why I have an icon mysteriously placed on my profile today Tongue
[Image: JSW7XoM.png][Image: M9AUckK.png]
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It's such a cute little square. Heart

Congrats to everyone. Cute
[Image: 76561198119420747.png]
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I'm so proud of our li'l bush!!! Big Grin
[Image: kE8xa19.png]
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I'm a bit late to the party, but major shoutouts to RTB for doing what a lot of us couldn't even fathom doing. Great work mang.

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