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Xbox Live: SmegmaPrincessX
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Nintendo IVery Sad Jamie-W-S

Yay names!

3ds Evil-Fiendcode: 1676-4164-4037

Add me if you want to fight me in Smash Bros(when it comes out) or if you want to beat up my Magikarp in Pokémon. Yes, I have a Magikarp on my team.
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My 3DS friend code : 2981-7412-2768

Needing Fire Emblem Awakening teams to grind into a pulp, people to smash, and people to kill me in Pokemon.
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My gaming network IDs as of October 2014:

Steam & Desura: LauriAJ

NNIVery Sad LauriJ LauriJ#2386

Feel free to contact me in any of these networks.
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3DS: 1220 - 6913 - 5744
WiiU/Nintendo IVery Sad BeamuFireu
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XBN: AceNoFace
Steam: KingsCorners
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3DS: 2509-2102-3820

Nintendo Network IVery Sad Koensayer
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Nintendo Network IVery Sad ShadeDBZ
3DS Friend Code: 5327-1330-4799

Thought I should post these. Add me so we can be close friends. Or we can play games, whatever comes first.
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Oh hey, somewhere to post my codes, I'll have to find out my 3ds friend code again, but here's my other IDs in one nice place.

Xbox Live: SmegmaPrincessX
Nintendo Network IVery Sad DreamFortress
3DS: 3480-2679-9569
Steam: flannel_bastard
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updated my post so that it contains my 3ds friend code. pm me if you added me!

also, is a mod going to update the first post, because its a bit outdated atm
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I've updated the OP with all the new ID entries so far.
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oh this is easy

Nintendo Network IVery Sad Kosheh
PSN IVery Sad kosheh
Steam: kosheh
League of Legends: Kosheh (North America server)

like seriously

really? lol

I'll have my 3DS FC up eventually but idgaf atm
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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! refs
shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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3DS: 1779 - 0805 - 7470

I've got both Smash Bros games, if you're looking for some competition hit me up. Wink

Just PM me if you happen to add me so I can return the favor.
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Currently working on: working and wedding planning
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Xbox: Goemar
PSN: Goemar
3DS: 3797 - 9066 - 9228

Currently playing a lot of Monster Hunter 4
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WiiU/NNIVery Sad DioKuduro
3ds: 2707-1601-7622
Steam: Diogalesu

May or may not update this with my PSN in the future. On another note got both smash games, mario kart 7, highrule waifus, team fartress 2, and pokemon.
Discord is Dioshiba#9513
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