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This is the collective thread for posting your Nintendo Network ID, 3DS Friend Code, PSN ID, Xbox Live Gamertag, or other non-Steam game-related account names.

Nintendo Network IVery Sad Auralancer
3DS Friend Code: 2664-2259-8889
PSN IVery Sad Auralancer42

Crappy Blue Luigi
Nintendo Network IVery Sad CrappyBlueLuigi
3DS Friend Code: 0817-4766-3779

Darky's Manifestation
Nintendo Network IVery Sad Koensayer
3DS Friend Code: 2509-2102-3820

3DS Friend Code: 3668-8987-6007

Nintendo Network IVery Sad Jamie-W-S
3DS Friend Code: 1676-4164-4037

Nintendo Network IVery Sad BeamuFireu
3DS Friend Code: 1220-6913-5744

Nintendo Network IVery Sad DreamFortress
3DS Friend Code: 3480-2679-9569
Xbox Live: SmegmaPrincessX

Nintendo Network IVery Sad HocusIocus
3DS Friend Code: 1263-6735-2520

League of Legends: Lunastune (North America server)

Nintendo Network IVery Sad Keychain
3DS Friend Code: 3582-9648-7846
League of Legends: iKeychain

Nintendo Network IVery Sad LauriJ
Desura: LauriAJ LauriJ#2386

Nintendo Network IVery Sad Yoshbert
3DS Friend Code: 3179-6181-5673

Nintendo Network IVery Sad Boosukki
3DS Friend Code: 4854-6630-7801
PSN IVery Sad Mutsukki

Nintendo Network IVery Sad Ngamer01
3DS Friend Code: 4038-6174-8183
"PM me if you add me so that I can get you added on 3DS and Wii U as well."

Nintendo Network IVery Sad Spacecow54
3DS Friend Code: 2981-7412-2768

Nintendo Network IVery Sad recolorme
3DS Friend Code: 4871-4881-3739
"pm me if you added me!"

Nintendo Network IVery Sad Rhymey
3DS Friend Code: 1822-2610-1216
PSN IVery Sad rhymedesu
Xbox Live: Rhymey
League of Legends: rhyme (North America server)

Nintendo Network IVery Sad SchAlternate
3DS Friend Code: 4356-0917-2781

Xbox Live: AceNoFace

Nintendo Network IVery Sad ShadeDBZ
3DS Friend Code: 5327-1330-4799
3DS Friend Code:
Ngamer01 - 4038 - 6174 - 8183

NNID (3DS & WiiU):

PM me if you add me so that I can get you added on 3DS and Wii U as well.
NNIVery Sad Keychain
3DS: 3582-9648-7846
NNIVery Sad Auralancer
3DS: 2664-2259-8889
PSN: Auralancer42

I'm up for Kart racing, trading Pokes and I still like the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer.
nnid: Rhymey
3ds: 4270 1124 3990
league: rhyme (na)
psn: rhymedesu
xbl: Rhymey
NNIVery Sad Yoshbert
3DS FC: 3179 - 6181 - 5673
League of Legends: iKeychain
NNIVery Sad CrappyBlueLuigi
3DS: 0817 - 4766 - 3779

i might edit this post later with my xbox live account if i ever bother to use my 360 again
LoL: Lunastune (Na)

(I'll add more stuff later when I actually go and use those things heh)
NNIVery Sad Boosukki
Steam: Mutsukki
PSN: Mutsukki
3DS: 4854-6630-7801
3DS: 3668-8987-6007
Nintendo Network IVery Sad HocusIocus
3DS Friend Code: 1263-6735-2520
NNID : Spacecow54
Friends code : 5472 - 8340 - 6799
NNIVery Sad SchAlternate
Friend Code: 4356 - 0917 - 2781
nnid: recolorme
steam: recolorme
3ds: 4871-4881-3739
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