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[DRAWINGS] Doodles and Finished Pieces 2.0
Just a couple of drawings i've been doing to get my art gears turning again, and to learn how to line things in, since i've always refused to do it ever.


[Image: ohsI56U.jpg]


[Image: Zxk9iYl.jpg]

Today(Known to us common folk as Thursday):

[Image: I5YXtx8.jpg]
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Been a hot min since i posted around here.

[Image: IMG_20180504_150716_078.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_mzx6bm02eC1s38z45o1_500.gif]
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[Image: Dg5l8QyWkAEd1Wr.png]

I decided to make myself a twitter banner, the sun and the picture of me are recycled from an old comic, but it was relevant as the UK is so godamn hot right now!
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[Image: i9cQnVf.jpg]

Quick character design, wanted to get it onto paper so i could work more from it, first one of about 1000 i need to do, the joy!

Side Note: I need to get myself an a3 scanner or start drawing on a4 again...


Oh yeah i also did this thing our of boredom, AND learnt how to use spoilers!

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[Image: tumblr_pdyawqphLn1tg93fe_1280.jpg]
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Just a couple of the drawings i've done today, trying out my ink pen/brush pen combo, super difficult to get used to, but im getting there, need more of that practice!
[Image: DnTaHa1XoAAyLm5.jpg:large]
[Image: DnTHNz8XcAAW_Ae.jpg:large]
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A couple more Dragon Ball drawings i did today
[Image: jf6tin12tzm11.jpg]

[Image: er620uagq0n11.jpg]
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