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[DRAWINGS] Doodles and Finished Pieces 2.0
[Image: IBeR6HZ.jpg]
Who remembers this guy?
[Image: QUmE6.gif]
My Game Maker games (Dropbox download links):

[Image: felicia_little_golden_book_by_retrobunyip-davqkys.png]
Trying out a template I downloaded.
[Image: sonamy-animtitle.gif]
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(01-16-2017, 05:34 PM)Virt Wrote:
DUDE! how do you get your linework so clean?!?, 10+ years of drawing and i'm still "experimenting" with my art, I've seen a handful of your posts in here in the past and you're a pretty good artist kiddo.

they look good, keep up the work!

might as well post while i'm at it:
[Image: LVnNHQN.png]
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[Image: uL3z5Cr.png]Image was too big for printer. >:
[Image: k0OsVum.png][Image: NXpkf1V.gif][Image: psychicspacecow.png]
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