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Big thanks, Petie! Glad to see the idea implemented; it looks really nice. Cute

Quote:I originally left this out on purpose due to the fact that there can be thousands of items displayed on submitter profiles but I suppose I can give it a try. Maybe I'll default it to text view (or perhaps even lock it to text view) when there are more than a certain number of items on the page.

Maybe the text to icon switching view could work independently between the main site and user profiles incase people like the old format of the user pages of the Spriters/Models/Textures Resources using text mode and the rest of those resources using icons. Especially on profiles displaying hundreds (or thousands) of sheet icons, which is far more than many game sections show.
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That's cookie-based and I really don't want to create another for a single page. I tested loading it on Dazz's profile (with an admittedly powerful computer and decent connection) and even loading 9,000+ icons, it's fine. In reality, there aren't many profiles that have more than 1,000, let alone 9,000, so I think it's probably fine as is. Thanks for the suggestion though! I do like having options for viewing and organizing data.
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You're welcome, and no problem, I can make due with having lots of icons loaded anyways since I have a pretty powerful machine and good internet.
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