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(03-25-2017, 11:02 PM)Dazz Wrote: I actually do agree wholeheartedly, this is an issue cropping up as of late more frequently. I'll put some thought into what would work best from a logical standpoint for a bit and try to come up with something with Petie. If he agrees, of course.

edit: Perhaps we could put drop down options on each console to view the rest of them on the page. If that's an issue with load because it's the front page, I'm thinking maybe we could work something out so it doesn't load those images until you drop down. And at the top maybe have just the first 20 sheets, but perhaps that could be sorted better...

To your first point, I agree that our current setup is sub-optimal. To your second though, there's not really a good way to do this. As long as the markup is there, most browsers will at least start to load that content and we switched to this 250 limit because the home page loading hundreds of items was starting to have a noticeable effect on server performance. I'm all for doing something about it if we can figure out a way to do so though.

In reality, I suppose we could also just try removing the limit since we did this and cut it from 2 updates to 1 at the same time. Perhaps with a single update, it won't be so bad? That's likely wishful thinking but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.
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My preference would be for it to just show a max of 10 new sheets per game, but I'm sure doing such a thing would probably be a lot of work.

Or even maybe change it to show game icons instead of sheet icons and then have it so new sheets have a little 'new' icon floating over them which dissappears after 14 days or so. That sounds like even more work mind...
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