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Apocalypse is fascinating. I think it can be a very psychological thing, so it would be cool try to present something like that with art.

The only problem is that I'm really lazy when it comes to spriting...

C+C please.
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I was expecting the X-men villain, but these are great too!

I like the pyro/hazmat dude.
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I prefer this one! You could potentially say a lot with what's on the ground. I'm liking the colour scheme too.

The masked guy reminds me of the Mask in Opus (by Satoshi Kon).
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New sprite.

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Hello, it's me again

For the first sprite, I think the head is much too small compared to his torso. His head also seems to be somewhat inclined, but the way it's connected to the neck doesn't seem to support that.

His arms seem too thin compared to his legs and his torso.

The head of the shovel doesn't seem to be quite at the right angle.

Not sure how I feel about the lighting, But it's kind of strange how the light hits one of his pectorals but not the other.

Finally, his right foot seems to be facing to the side a little too much, makes the feet look very two-dimensional.

As for your TFR sprite, here's an edit of sorts.
[Image: gqFC3nk.png]

It took me a some time to figure out how he was positioned exactly, and it seems a little impractical for swinging... And also a little uncomfortable. Regardless, the head seems too small-- the game has a cartoony vibe all in all, so you can go a little beyond realism.

The face's contour also has low contrast, blending with his hood and his torso.

The pauldron over his left arm doesn't seem to convey the right shape, and it seems you got rid of the metal collar, So I tried adding it.

Even if you kept this pose, the hands don't seem to have the right shape, and I'm almost sure the right arm isn't foreshortened correctly. The right end of the hatchet seems to be going at a different angle, too.

The upper legs seem to be disconnected from the boots, especially on the bottom sprite where you added more detail to the boots, but the pants remained just as flat.

I changed the white to a yellowish color since it felt more reminiscent of your reference, but that's totally subjective heh.

You should work a little more on the pose though. You can even try taking a picture of yourself doing the pose before you sprite it, if you have no other references, to have something to work off. I found this picture, by the way, maybe it could be a useful alternative.
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A few things to think about. In Iocus's ref, more of the weight is on his back leg because of the heavy weapon. Also, checkout the hand placement. They're spread out and on opposite ends of the weapons center/pivot point.- Yours has both hands at the center. In the ref, the hand closer to the head of the axe better supports translation and carrying the weight of the axe. The lower hand provides better support for rotation/swinging movement. With both hands at a single point, sure you can still swing the axe around, but don't expect to be able to stop the rotation of the axe when you have little counter torque control with that kind of hand placement.

-Also check out how much bend is in the knees of the ref. The bend creates a strong base/foundation that provides him with balance, stability and a potential for strong attacks.
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He looks a bit fatter now...
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(06-19-2014, 03:09 PM)Paladin Wrote: [Image: ckLVEHn.png]

He looks a bit fatter now...

His body is indeed thicker. There are recurring issues from the past revision, too.

I think the hair covers too much of his head area, and once more, the head might be a tad too small. You did the thing again that TheShyGuy advised you against, i.e., having both hands meet at the center as opposed to having them spread out over the hilt area. Just look how straight his right arm is! It ought to be mighty uncomfortable to hold that position for such a long time. Not too fond of the feet angles, either...
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I don't really know what to do with the legs :/

Anyway, is this any better?

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I think he should have a frame or two before swinging. This is an axe; it shouldn't look so easy to swing.

That kinda "oof this is a heavy weapon that'll probably kill you" pullback would greatly add to the effect, because at the moment he's swingin' it like a wooden bat.

Also I like the top shading best.
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Well, I have something completely different now.

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Some dq stuff
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now your usual calm brownish tones normally work well

but for a character like a slime, that just wont cut it
it needs way more saturation and luminosity leaps (ie specular highlights etc)

also im not a big fan of the shape you decided to give the crow
doesn't work that well imo
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