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Need two animations to be converted...
I've been trying to finish this Toph Sprite Sheet for quite some time and I am just in need of two more animations before I can do some final touch ups. So what I am requesting is the following two animations to be converted to her.

[Image: U2Srorf.png]

(or at least anything similar)

What will you get for doing this?
  • You (and everyone else who participated) will be credited on the completed sprite sheet.
  • You can see your work being used on Death Battle (where the credit will be towards the Toph Sprite Sheet Project).
  • The Sprite Sheet will be made available for everyone to use on Spriter's Resource.
  • You could submit it to another website if you desire.
  • I will be forever grateful.
  • Will promote whatever you want for a month on the Middle Ground Front Page.
[Image: okwksDc.png]
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Say... what you've described about your request just gave me an idea! Big Grin
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The Sprite sheet has been updated... But not with the poses I was requesting. Just these two and this sheet can be complete.
[Image: okwksDc.png]
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The sheet is essentially finished.

Though I would like to see that kick animation redone since I don't like how mine came out.
[Image: okwksDc.png]
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Just throwing out some C&C ~

See Itachi's kick animation that you posted originally?
You might also want to consider having her extend her leg out similar to Itachi's (lean back, kicking out and top leg should meet top of waist) I assume that a martial artist would want to do so to get additional height on the kick (as trying to do the same from a upright position wouldn't allow you to even kick to your waist in the first place. >>

Try drawing a stick figure doing Toph's kick, and how that stick figure could look more powerful delivering that kick (it'll probably look similar to Itachi's)
Then just use that drawing as a template for what you want to do. :V
You might MIGHT have to redraw Toph's body in that animation cycle to make it work (but such is the plight of making custom sheets)

Then there's that motion blur, which is an animation technique that implies the kick is not only strong but that it's also quick enough to be not seen by the human eye, sort of like what you did with the punch.

(okay the real reason is that it also saves frames and makes the kick actually look much smoother when animated)
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shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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Yeah, that is why I am requesting someone to try that. I've tried to do as you mentioned but in the end it came out like that (even the blur was included in the second pose). I feel I just can't get it done properly.
[Image: okwksDc.png]
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And with those and a different attempt at kicking, this should be the final.

[Image: Nd04zUl.png]

[Image: j4ByXKh.gif]

Now to send this to Ben to get the final okay.
[Image: okwksDc.png]
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