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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams?
Yeah yeah, I know you're all probably tired of seeing my question topics around. I just seem to have more an more of them as more awesome stuff gets released. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had looked into the model format of the Giana Sisters games? I know there's a script to extract the contents of the game '.pak' files over on Xentax, but that's all it does. I've extracted the pak's from both the normal game and the expansion, and it's obvious the textures are just basic DDS files. However I'm not sure which are the model files or what may contain them. I was hoping someone would have a look so we can potentially have some of the twisted creatures from this game up on site soon. I'm specifically looking for the 'Owlverlord' himself and his two 'forms'.
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Sorry to double post. Just realized I didn't post any examples for anyone to have a look at. I used the script at Xentax to extract these sample files. I included the textures of the desired models, but I have no idea what the model files attached actually are, obviously...
Sample Files
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I will share some examples very soon.
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(12-20-2013, 12:38 AM)Steven26 Wrote: I will share some examples very soon.
Will you now, or will you be just like that other person who said something like that, claiming that they would do something in a generic-sounding sentence and never doing so? Prove to me that you are not a spambot.
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Aw crud, got my hopes up over nothing. Ah well, maybe later. Hope someone has time to look into this...
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Hey hey, so I figurd out which ones hold the character models. Hoping someone could take a look and see if we can manage to convert them to a use-able format.

Sample File Here
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