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Good ScreenCapture program for Speedpaints!
So I've been doing a few speedpaints, but I always have the issue of dealing with a really huge file.

I realize a big reason is because of how long they take (I had a five hour recording that was about 8-9 GCool.

Though I can't really cut down the recording time (I do try to break it up into intervals at least), I want to know if there's a better program than hypercam for this, preferably one that can get the video file in a small size. I'm no pro with this, but this has to be possible, right?
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To my knowledge, file size (as well as quality and so forth) has more to do with your settings than the program itself. Most programs do pretty much the same thing, which compression technique you use is the biggest factor as to how big your file will turn out.

I can't really help much with specifics, but I'd just suggest to experiment with different compressors, and fiddling with their controls. You should be able to find something that gives you a reasonable size, while keeping the quality fair.
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Are you gonna speedup your footage? If yes, i know recordings programs can record, lets say, one frame out of four. So your footage will look sped up four times, and of course, four times smaller.
However, i dont know exactly how to do it or with what Wink
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