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Who here enjoys watching sports? (sports general)
the only sports I watch is "NBA"... basketball... so anyone here like basketball?
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Hockey, all the way.

Too bad the Habs had a shitty season this year
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(08-02-2013, 03:09 PM)Candel Wrote: Hockey, all the way.

Too bad the Habs had a shitty season this year

Their series with the Senators was nuts. I'd never seen 10 pairs of gloves and equipment go down to the ice and the entire rink filled with fighting.
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I enjoy watching baseball, basketball and golf, although I prefer playing over watching. Most of the time I don't watch tv in general since I can always find something more important to do, but it is entertaining. Tongue

I never got into hockey, but it does look like an interesting/ fast-paced sport.
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We don't get a lot of sport on TV here besides football, which I don't watch.

I DO watch Wimbledon when it's on, and whatever showjumping they show. I also go to some of the big horseshows in the UK through-out the year anyway, and compete myself.
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Holy fuck The Sharks are on a roll, and damn they got one hell of a player in Thomas Hertl. 4 goals himself last night!!! One of those also being one of the sickest goals I've ever seen. If the Sharks can keep up this level of play, it's going to be an exciting year Big Grin
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It's been over for a while now, but NZ totally should have won the America's Cup. And they would have if it wasn't for stupid wind and time limits.
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Got to love buffoon reffing. Let me show you guys something.
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See that puck in the net? Yeah, that was a goal that Tommy Wingels scored in overtime to win it for the Sharks. But it never got called as a goal; in fact, the refs actually ruled that it was stopped by the Sabres goalie. Crazy right? A ref 2 meters from all of this not only misses seeing it's a goal, but he doesn't even blow the play dead until a few seconds later, also after a Sabres player kicked it back out of the net VERY clearly. So why wasn't this looked at? Why didn't the Toronto War Room look at the replay and award the Sharks their very deserved goal? Who knows, but I really hate the NHL and refs right now, not only for incompetency to actually do their jobs, but also at the fact that I hear people saying the Sharks deserved this for something a player(who they traded by the way last year after he did this!!) did, which was used his hockey stick from the bench and got away with it in a game 2 seasons ago. Are you fucking kidding me? I'm the first guy to point out refs being idiots, even if it benefits my team, and this was a class A, Red level fuck up that's inexcusable, especially since they're supposed to review these sort of plays anyways.
You can probably tell I'm pissed off, you'd be right about that.
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I'm not a real sports fan. But despite that, I'm still a fan of the Chargers and Padres. They're my "homedogs".
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This is a really rough year to be a Philadelphia Flyers fan...
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I used to be into sports so much during my youth. As I grew up however, I began watching sports television when there's nothing interesting going on.
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is anybody keeping up with the World Cup? I'll admit I'm not a huge soccer fan, but it's hard to deny the entertainment value of the World Cup. It was great to see Spain knocked out, and hoping my boiz from the Netherlands go far. (Yeah yeah I know I'm a stupid American, but fuck that noise, I always like rooting for the Netherlands on an international level when the Finnish aren't in). It's looking to be one of the most memorable that I've watched too so that's a bonus.
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I'm not personally, but we've got a thread about it on the vgfacts forum, even if its not really going anywhere.
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Since I actually live in the Netherlands, the amount of hype for the game (especially on the YouTube commercials) is unreal.
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I watch some if it's on and I'm not doing anything else. That isn't very often though. But I did see some of that Netherlands match, that was amazing.
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